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Hand Painted – 1 1/2″ – Horse Floral – 38-56000101-18-HP40


Neutral base color, black antique, black border. Hand painted shades of blue flowers with light green leaves and vines and three different colored horses. For a personal order you can choose different color flowers and horses if you would like.


Please note that you can custom order other sizes as well as other combinations of background color, antique and border! For more information on this please take a look at our Belts page under “Our Products”. You can also call us at 204-889-1947 or email us at sales@kkcustomleather.com and we will be happy to help you out!

***For proper measurement, belt size is 2 sizes larger than your pant size. For best measurement/size matching, if you have a belt, measure from the bolt hole (where the buckle is attached to the belt) to the hole most used on the belt.***

Our belts here at K K Custom Leather are made in Winnipeg and sold across Canada and the United States.  We purchase Herman Oak cow hides directly from Weaver Leather based out of Hope, Ohio.  Herman Oak is known as the highest quality leather in the industry.  Once the hides arrive we cut them into the required widths to manufacture our belts in the widths of ½”, 1″, 1 ¼”, 1 ½”, and 1 ¾”.   At this point we have 53 various styles to choose from.

How our Belts are Made:

We start off picking one style to be tooled onto the belt. We add our trademark tip onto each of our belts. The belt goes through the tooling and then stains and dyes are applied to the belt to give it a characteristic color. Once the color has been applied, resolene is added to lock in the stains and dyes which provides the belt with shine for its optimum appearance. The eye holes are punched into the belt to allow the belts to accommodate several sizes. The belt is then sized and then stamped with the size on the belt. The end cap “turnaround” that is fastened to the buckle is also crafted to make this belt interchangeable with other buckles of your choice (to change to a buckle of your choice simply take a common screw driver or a dime from your wallet). This will also allow the belts to be shortened for a custom fit or to be simply shortened at a later date. Next, a keeper is hand tooled to finalize the belts construction. The belts turnaround is fasted to the belt using two Chicago Screws, which hold the desired courtesy buckle and keeper. The final step is the K K Custom Leather logo in a gold foil stamp to identify it as one of our authentic custom made belts.

Since these belts are of high quality leather, the life of the belt (under normal conditions) should last you over 10 years!

*PLEASE NOTE* Our finished belts require a break in period in order to soften up as they went through several processes to make them vibrant in appearance!  Simply avoid excessive bending to allow the leather to soften up through time.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any comments or questions or would like to order anything else from us.  You can reach us by email at sales@kkcustomleather.com, call us at (204) 889-1947 or (204) 479 -7760. You can also check us out on Facebook at K K Custom Leather.


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