Deluxe Trifold Wallet


100% Genuine personalized Deluxe Trifold Wallet available in Buck stitch or Leather Lacing

Our Deluxe Trifold Wallet are comprised of 100% cow hide leather outer surface which allows for personalized hand tooled designs for personalization. Inner surface of the wallet is comprised of 100% Pig Skin and a plastic window for your driver license ID. we have a multiple colors to chose from.

Available with Buck stitch or Leather lacing

Closed wallet Buck stitching L 3 3/4″ x H 4 1/2″
Closed wallet Lacing L 3 3/4″ x H 4 3/4″
Open wallet Buck stitching L 10 1/2″ x H 4 1/2″
Open wallet Lacing L 10 3/4″ x H 4 3/4″


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