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Rifle/Bow Slings

Each rifle sling is hand crafted using 100% genuine Herman Oak Vegetable tanned leather. The hides are handpicked and purchased from Weaver leather in Hope Ohio. Unfortunately I can’t find anyone here in Canada that do the vegetable tanning which is required for hand tool leather. Other companies here in the city get their hides shipped into Canada (ex. Tandy Leather). So we have it transported to us, K K Custom Leather, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where the process begins.

The hides are cut into 3 inch strips. Through the use of a jig and a press, each sling is cut to the exact size ready to begin the tooling process. Edges of the sling are rounded off and typically a camouflage is added to the outside edge of the sling. The customer has a choice of a graphic design (usually an animal head). My motto is if I can trace it I can usually tool it! The customer then has a choice of letter styles to choose from. Taking into account the colors of the background and the round circle around the choice of lettering. Sometimes the smaller fonts are required if the name on the sling is long in length. The choice of graphic design is then tooled onto the sling. Next the choice of letter style is used to tool the desired name onto the sling. A circular cameo shape is then tooled around the lettering with a texture applied. The sling is then stained in the desired colors and resolene is added to the sling to seal, protect and add a shine. Once dry an antique finish is added to the sling if required. Additional coats of resolene are added to seal in the finish. 10 Holes are punched into the sling to accommodate the ¼” Chicago screws. Two ½” wide keepers are hand tooled and sewn together with durable waxed chord. A thumb holder is added as an additional option. 

Learn how to customize your rifle sling:

Our rifle slings can be customized in so many different ways! Depending on your purchase you can customize your rifle sling by choosing the base color, name and style of lettering, animal head/image, whether your image is antiqued or hand painted, your choice of background design (40 designs to choose from) and whether or not it has a thumb holder!

The cost of the finished rifle sling is between $135 CAD – $205 CAD plus applicable taxes.

Plain Rifle Sling

With this rifle sling you have a choice of the base color, name and animal head, with a plain design.


Designed Rifle Sling

With this rifle sling you have a choice of the base color, name, animal head and your choice of design.


Designed Rifle Sling

(with thumb holder)

With this rifle sling you have a choice of the base color, name, animal head, design and you get a thumb holder.


If you see something you like and would rather discuss it over the phone, please give us a call and we can work with you and process your order in minutes. We will fine tune the details in customizing this rifle sling to your liking, making it a one-of-a-kind product. Our rifle slings are adjustable to fit all common rifles. We ensure 100% satisfaction. We stand by our products. Without our customers we would not be in business!

Choice of base color:

We offer 16 colors for the base of the rifle slings (included in the price of the rifle slings):

00. Natural06. Walnut12. Oxblood
01. Black07. Chocolate13. Pink
02. Tan08. Mahogany 14. Purple
03. Light Tan/Range Tan09. Red18. Gold
04. Saddle tan10. Blue19. British Tan
05. Light Brown11. Green

Choice of letter styles for personalized name or initials:

Here are examples of the lettering and numbering we have available. You can choose for the letters to be the “same color as the base”, “different color than the base” or “natural with antique”. If you choose “Natural with antique” the antiquing set into the valleys of the lettering fonts.

Choice of animal head or image:

Here are a few choices of animal heads and images. If you would like something different please feel free to upload a picture to us and we can see if we can do it for you. If you would like to inquire before submitting the order please feel free to email us first ( Please note that the image needs to be easy to trace. My motto is “If I can trace it, I can tool it”.

Antiqued or hand painted image:

We have added a new feature to our rifle slings, guitar straps and many more products! For $20 more we can bring your choice of animal or image to life by having it hand painted! The pictures below show the difference from what an antiqued animal/image looks like to what a hand painted animal/image looks like! If you would like this option, simply select it when ordering your product! We are in the process of upgrading our products so the option might not be there yet. If that is the case we will be in touch to ask if it is something you would like added. If you would like this done to another product of ours just speak to us and we can place the order for you. If you would like the image to look like your pet or something specific we can do that for you as well. Email us a picture and we will work with you to make it look as similar as we can! We look forward to seeing what we can do for you!

Choice of design for the upper strap, lower strap and thumb holder:

1 – Floral Rope
02 – Flame
03 – Maple Leaf
04 – Acorns and Oak Leaves
06 – General Concho
07 – Motor Eagle
08 – #’s and O’s
09 – Rope Weave
10 – Mayan
11 – Barbwire
14 – Wildlife
15 – Basketweave
16 – Holy Cross
17 – Tire Wide
18 – Horse Floral
21 – Floral Vine
23 – Large Diagonal Basketweave Wide
24 – Floral Eagle
25 – Diamond Banner Knurled
26 – Celtic
28 – Basketweave Diaginal Narrow
30 – Western Floral Vine
33 – Knurled Double Line
34 – Basketweave & Bar
37 – Double Rope
38 – Steam Punk
39 – Braid
40 – Mountain Buck
41 – Wildlife 2
42 – Diamond Rope
45 – Maple Leaf Banner
46 – Pine Cone
47 – Daisy
48 – Acorns & Oak Leaves 2
49 – Small Skulls
50 – Strong Roots
51 – Circular Vine
52 – Ostrich Plume
53 – Snake Scale
C Camouflage
P plain

Thumb holder:

Depending on your choice, a thumb holder can be included in your purchase of a rifle sling. It would be the same color as the base color you chose. It would have a plain design with our logo etched in, or for an additional $5 for each option it could have the same design that you chose for the upper and lower straps, a date added or initials added. It costs $15 (before additional options) if you order it at the same time as the rifle sling, but it starts at $20 if ordering it seperate.

Here are some of our favorite rifle slings:

Rifle Straps

Butt Stock Ammo Holder

Plain Butt Stock Ammo Holder (Front View) – $75.00
Plain Butt Stock Ammo Holder (Back View) – $75.00


Animal Head Butt Stock Ammo Holders
(starting at $95.00)
Matching Butt Stock Ammo Holder and Rifle Sling

Leatherman Knife Case

This case can be purchased with or without the snap closure.
It easily slides onto all belts up to 1 3/4 wide.
It is available in a variety of colors and can be customized with a name or initials.

Check out this video to see how we tool an animal head onto the leather: