100% Hand Crafted Herman Oak Leather Belts

K K Custom Leather Belts

Our belts here at K K Custom Leather are made in Winnipeg and sold across Canada and the United States. We purchase Herman Oak cow hides directly from Weaver Leather based out of Hope Ohio. Herman Oak is known as the highest quality leather in the industry. Once the hides arrive we cut them into the required widths to manufacture our belts in the sizes of 1/2″, 1″, 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″ , and 1 3/4″. At this point we have 53 various styles to choose from.

How our Belts are Made

We start off picking one style to be tooled onto the belt. We add our trademark tip onto each of our belts. The belt goes through the tooling and then stains and dyes are applied to the belt to give it a characteristic color. Once the color has been applied, resolene is added to lock in the stains and dyes which provides the belt with shine for its optimum appearance. The eye holes are punched into the belt to allow the belts to accommodate several sizes. The belt is then sized and then stamped with the size on the belt. The end cap “turnaround” that is fastened to the buckle is also crafted to make this belt interchangeable with other buckles of your choice (to change to a buckle of your choice simply take a common screw driver or a dime from your wallet). This will also allow the belts to be shortened for a custom fit or to be simply shortened at a later date. Next, a keeper is hand tooled to finalize the belts construction. The belts turnaround is fasted to the belt using two Chicago Screws, which hold the desired courtesy buckle and keeper. The final step is the K K Custom Leather logo in a gold foil stamp to identify it as one of our authentic custom made belts.

Since these belts are of high quality leather, the life of the belt (under normal conditions) should last you over 10 years!

Keep reading to learn how to customize a belt to your liking or click here to see what we currently have in stock in our shop:

100% Bison Leather Belts

Our Bison belts are made using 100% Bison leather hides. Bison leather is the softest and strongest leather. They are our most popular belts. We order black, mahogany and walnut colored Bison hides. Once the hides arrive at our shop we cut them into the required widths to manufacture our belts in the widths of ½”, 1″, 1 ¼”, and 1 ½”.

Black Bison Leather
Mahogany Bison Leather
Walnut Bison Leather

  • If we have the belt already made, you can buy it on the spot.
  • If you build a customized belt, we can have it ready for you to pick up from us at the market or at our shop.
  • For $15.00 more we can ship it anywhere in Canada ($20.00 for anywhere in the USA).
  • You can build a belt right here on our website or you can download and fill out the form below and then call us, email it to us, or drop it off in our mailbox.
  • If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email us at sales@kkcustomleather.com or call us at (204) 889-1947 (Kim) or (204) 479 -7760 (Ken).
  • Keep reading and we will go into more detail about the various options!

Click here if you know what you like and are ready to customize your belt right here on our website:

Continue reading to learn more about your options

A. Select Your Style:

We offer 53 various styles of belts (included in the price of the belt):

1. Floral Rope
3. Maple Leaf
5. Floral Leaf
7. Motor Eagle
9. Rope Weave
11. Barbwire
13. Zanzabar
15. Basketweave
17. Tire Wide
19. Double Knurl
21. Floral Vine
23. Large Diagonal Basketweave Narrow
25. Diamond Banner Knurled
27. Standard/Plain
29. Double Line
2. Flame
4. Acorns & Oak Leaves
6. General Concho
8. #’s & O’s
10. Mayan
12. Infinity
14. Wildlife
16. Holy Cross
18. Horse Floral
20. Tire Narrow
22. Large Diagonal Basketweave Wide
24. Floral Eagle
26. Celtic
28. Basketweave Diagonal Narrow
30. Western Floral Vine
31 – Knurled Wide
32 – Knurled Narrow
33 – Knurled Double Line
34 – Basketweave & Bar
35A – Black Bison
(cannot be designed)
35C – Walnut Bison
(cannot be designed)
37 – Double Rope
39 – Braid
41 – Wildlife 2
43 – Standard White
45 – Maple Leaf Banner
47 – Daisy
49 – Small Skulls
51 – Circular Vine
53 – Snake Scale
35B – Mahogany Bison
(cannot be designed)
36 – Snake

38 – Steam Punk
40 – Mountain Buck
42 – Diamond Rope
44 – Large Skull
46 – Pine Cone
48 – Acorns & Oak Leaves 2
50 – Strong Roots
52 – Ostrich Plume

B. Select your background color:

We offer 16 colors for the backgrounds of our belts (included in the price of the belt):

00. Natural06. Walnut12. Oxblood
01. Black07. Chocolate13. Pink
02. Tan08. Mahogany 14. Purple
03. Light Tan/Range Tan09. Red18. Gold
04. Saddle tan10. Blue19. British Tan
05. Light Brown11. Green

Here are some samples of the different colors (please note that “Range Tan” is now called “Light Tan”):

C. Choose your width:

We offer 5 different widths (1/2″, 1″, 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″, and 1 3/4″). 1/2″ is very skinny so we don’t make a lot of those. Our most common/in stock belts are the 1 1/2″. All of the belts in our online shop are this size. If you order the largest size 1 3/4″ you will have more space above and below the design. If you choose 1 1/4″ or smaller you will start to lose some of the design, depending which you choose. We start our pricing based on size:

53.  1/2″$35.00

54.  1″ $45.00

55.  1 1/4″$55.00

56.  1 1/2″$65.00 (most common/in stock)

57.  1 3/4″$75.00

Here are some comparisons for the different widths:

D. Would you like to add an antiqued look?

On many of our styles, adding antique makes the styles look like they pop right off of the belt! Adding $10.00 more to the cost of your belt could make all the difference! Here are some examples showing the same style and color belt with and without antique.

This belt is a solid saddle tan with no antique. ($65.00)
This belt is a solid red with no antique. ($65.00)
This belt is a solid saddle tan with brown antique. ($75.00)
This belt is a solid red with black antique. ($75.00)

The majority of our belts are antiqued with black or brown. We can also antique with red, silver, gold, white or yellow but the best options are black or brown.

E. Would you like to add a different color border?

Just like adding the antique to the belt, adding a different color border completely changes the look as well. This is only an additional $5.00. By adding this option you make the belt very unique! You have the same color options as the background colors in “B”. Here are some examples:

This belt is tan with brown antique and no border. ($75.00)
This belt has a natural background with brown antique and a tan border. ($80.00)

This belt is tan with brown antique and a mahogany border. ($80.00)
This belt has a natural background with brown antique and a mahogany border. ($80.00)

F. What is your waist measurement?

  • For proper measurement, belt size is 2 sizes larger than your pant size. (ex. If your pants are size 34, your belt size would be 36)
  • For a more accurate size matching (if you have a belt) measure from the bolt hole where the buckle is attached to the belt, to the hole most used on the belt.

G. Additional:

We can customize your belt even further with hand painting, names, initials, etc. The price is determined based on whether there is antique and a border added, as well as the time it takes to be painted or tooled. (price to be determined).

Here are some examples of hand painted belts:

Hand Painted – 1 1/2″ – Diamond Rope

Hand Painted – 1 1/2″ – Horse Floral
Item # 38-56000304-18-HP10
Hand Painted – 1 3/4″ Large Skull
Item # 38-57000100-44-HP35

Here are examples of the lettering and numbering we have available:

Video of How We Make Our Belts

Buy four belts, get the fifth belt free! This would be great for wedding party gifts!

Feel free to contact us for information or to discuss your personal project.  You can contact us by email at sales@kkcustomleather.com, or call us at (204) 889-1947 or (204) 479 -7760. You can also check us out on Facebook at K K Custom Leather

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